Ping G15 Irons VS Ping G20 Irons

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Ping is constantly upgrading and designing new ideas in their golf clubs, such as the "G" and "K" lines. Many players are curiously waiting for the next generation of the G15's, the G20, because they are looking forward to improve their game. They are regarded as classical and are available now on the amgolf18 market. How do people compare G15 ang G20? Do you think G20 Irons Will Surpass G15 Irons?

We compare these two kinds of golf clubs from several aspects, at first, they have similar looks but still different, as for looks, apparently they are very similar to the Ping G15 Irons, with a slightly darker red and more satin finish. The adjustable lie on the G20 is two degrees flatter than the G15's.

Replacing the hugely successful and brilliantly performing G10 range was never going to be an easy task for Ping engineers, but with the launch of the new G15 line they look to have produced another winner. Ping unveiled the G15 model this year and so far the response has been extremely positive. And the technology of the Ping G15 Irons provides the high-launching, maximum forgiveness benefits that the majority of golfers rely on to bring consistency to their iron play.

Then, the thinner face of ping G20 irons will add forgiveness, helps position weight to the toe for added forgiveness. The wider sole provides a higher launch angle. Strong lofts and a low center of gravity produce long shots with a high trajectory and maximum forgiveness.


Third, new custom tuning port expands perimeter weighting and increases MOI, Ping G20 Irons features a new Custom Tuning Port which expands perimeter weighting and increases MOI. The steel shafts also look new, with more evenly spaced steps than the traditional AWT shafts, with a unique and interesting feel.


At last, the Ping G20 Irons feature some added weight on the back end of the iron set that they stole from the tip/hosel section. It sits well and square, with a lower face height and sleeker look. It was described as a nice cross between the G15 and K15 model.

What's more, we can also compare these two equipment from their feel, distance and their own advantages:

Feel: I was actually surprised at how the G20 felt. I was one who was wondering how PING would improve on the G15. I certainly could tell the iron was softer when making contact with ball. Perhps this was due to the materinal used on the back of the club head that dappens vibration. Whatever it was, it worked. The club swing smoothly from front to back.

Distance: As I mentioned I could not tell, however the G15 still felt good to me and althought I hit the G20 a bit higher that may not translate into more distance. I have tried many irons and consistently hit my 8 iron right at 135 yards.

Advantage: I guess getting the ball up quicker and softer feel it goes to the new G20. Consistency, familairity and distance I would probably stick with my trusted G15's. I will be going to another store this weekend to test these out on a monitor to check distances. If I hit the G20's five yards longer I would prob stick with the 15's. I just dont see me hitting them 10 yards longer. I will let you know.

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